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Working Parties

Working Parties

2011/2012 Season

Dear Friends,

Wednesdays Working Party 5th October 2011

The Wednesday working party from Sprowston Manor Hotel got a lot of work done tackling some really nasty brambles and gorse.

The group were really enthusiastic and great to be with. They plan to make this a regular event.

 (photo awaited)

Stehanie Dyball, Minika Mironczuk, Gary King, Luke Clements, Jane Smith, Jodie Guttririch, Tina Mieles, Emma Beck, Caroline Allen, Tracey Watts, Davina Mckenna


After the group left I stayed on with Will Stewart for a couple of hours to deal with some of the trees in the centre of the bowl. There are two lovely oaks which originally were surrounded by just heath. They are now revealed having been hidden by the thick mass of samplings and immature trees around them.


Saturdays working Party 8th October 2011


Elliot Persall, Ruth Persall, Faylan Peasall, Jennifer Hadley, Tom Hadley, Jill Smith, Pat Dent, Soni Hadley.

The kids were great and helped the adults tidy up the trees we dropped in the centre of the bowl on Wednesday.

Reinforcements arrived (Jane Smith & Pat Dent), and this allowed some of the semi burnt gorse on the embankment to be cleared ready for burning on Monday.




Joe Connelly is joining me on Monday 10th October for a controlled burn of the shrub but we would welcome others to help with burning or clear more scrub.




Future working parties will take place every Tuesday morning

Cavalry Track Project First working party

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Please note:

The MHD working parties are active from September to April every year. In the 2016/17 season we are clearing the Chapel earthworks to make them visible to all.