Mousehold Heath Defenders


Welcome to Mousehold Heath



The care of Mousehold is officially under

the watchful guidance of a committee

known as the Mousehold Heath Conservators and unofficially by the citizens themselves.


In 1972 a new voluntary action group known as the Mousehold Heath Defenders was formed to " protect Mousehold against encroachment on its area and its


 With representation on the Conservators this group, working with the governing body has tried to make a significant contribution to the long term survival of Mousehold Heath.


Any attempts to rob the citizens of their

Heath brings forth a wave of protest and

anxiety.  In May 1947 the War Office

proposed to take over 150 acres of

Mousehold for a battle training ground.

The volume of protest this caused

resulted 4 months later in the

abandonment of the scheme.   In 1977 a Pitch and Putt course was laid out but the proposal to build a car park adjacent was abandoned after vigorous opposition from the Defenders.


More recently the felling of numerous beautiful trees including mature oaks  and an extensive scrape of the soil in order to bring back  heather and heathland generated an impassioned protest and many new members of the Mousehold Heath Defenders

Aspects of Mousehold

Satellite View of Mousehold Mousehold Byelaws Byelaws( Word Document)

Taken from the Mousehold Heath Act 1984

There shall be 12 Conservators appointed as follows

  9 by the Council of which no less than 7 shall be members of the Council

  3 appointed by organisations appearing to the Council to be representative of

   persons interested in the Conservation of the Environment in the City.

Provided that so long as the Mousehold Heath Defenders are in existence they shall appoint one of the Conservators appointed under this paragraph, and so long as the

   Norwich Society is in existence it shall appoint one of the Conservators appointed           under this paragragh